Nineteen booklets inspired by "The Wrong Sun" From Life After God by Douglas Coupland.  Each book contains Coupland's text accompanied by additional hand-selected text and images.


The collection consists of three parts: 

1 introductory book

Inside cover: A list of Douglas Coupland's works

12 "Thinking of the Sun" (each vignette shares a moment in the narrator's life when he imagined the sun exploding)

Inside cover: A list of phobias of topics mentioned in the text

Back of book: Topics from the text were selected and broken down by 1. name of phobia of selected topic 2. definition 3. technical text about phobia 4. casual text about phobia (blog stories, urban dictionary results, etc)

6 "The Dead Speak" (each vignette shares one's account of the moment that the sun did explode--where they were, what they saw, how it felt)

Inside cover: A list of the top 100 apocalyptic films of all time

Back of book: Text from the following screenplays (one per book) : Silent Running, Towering Inferno, Soylent Green, The Andromeda Strain, The Omega Man, and Earthquake, all of which are mentioned in Coupland's text.

Cover images are pulled from content in the text