IN PROGRESS // This video is merely a draft

- - - is a looping video that explores the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of western medial treatment. The looping inherently incorporates droning repetition, this and the excessive stillness make for a sensation of passive laboriousness for the viewers. Unclear whether the patient is still alive, the necessity of the nurse's efforts are questionable. The tone alludes to three sounds : the buzzing of fluorescent lights, the beep of IV machines, and a flatline. Ideal installation of this video is as one of many pieces in a gallery space, hung on the wall, easily mistaken by passersby for a still image rather than a video. Much attention was paid to prop acquisition and composition.

Improvements to be made // More care to editing the composited nurse. Greater bizarreness of props. (The props used in this video are not accurate to reality, rather they reflect the artist's feelings toward these objects. The hair brush is a lint roller, the IV bag is a bag with a fish, and the sheet on the clipboard is blank. However, they're not peculiar enough to stand out to an unprimed viewer.)